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Hearing loss is stealthy!

It sneaks up on you over time, so slowly that you may not even notice. You may not even realize you have hearing loss until a friend or family member points it out. You may begin to wonder what you've been missing.

How much of your life have you missed because you didn't hear a phone call or a loved one's voice?

Hearing loss doesn't just turn down the volume around you. It affects every part of your life. Relationships, self-esteem, social interactions, physical and mental health all suffer when you're living with hearing loss.

If hearing loss is affecting your quality of life, don't suffer in silence. We offer hearing tests, audiograms, and carefully designed hearing aids to give you back the best hearing possible.

Timothy M Higgins, HCP, HAD

Timothy M Higgins

Timothy is a Hearing Care Provider (HCP) at CCMC Hearing Care, and a graduate of Michigan State University. His goal as a provider is to reach and help as many hearing-impaired people as he can. He loves to see his patients' faces light up with joy when they can finally hear what they've been missing. From hearing the voices of your grandchildren to sermons on Sunday morning, better hearing has made a big impact on the lives of his patients.

Timothy is an eagle scout and an accomplished metal sculptor. He also enjoys landscaping and gardening. He lives in Elsie with his wife, Susan, and their three children Sarah, Ella and Jonathon.

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