Can Auditory Training Help Your Hearing Loss?

Audiometry by CCMC Hearing Care

Hearing loss is different for every person – and so is the treatment. Some people experience sudden loss of hearing because of infection or accident. Some have gradually lost hearing over the years. Still, others were born deaf but use cochlear implants. You might feel alone in your experience, but the experts at CCMC Hearing Care are here to make a difference for you. We don’t just give you a hearing test — we help you understand the results and make the most of your hearing.

Because there is no one-size-fits-all solution to improve hearing, we know that people need personalized care. Your first step might be an audiometry exam. From there, we can customize a plan for you based on your individual hearing care needs.

One strategy that might help you is auditory training (also called audiologic rehabilitation). 

Is Auditory Training Right for You?

Auditory training can benefit you if you have:

  • recent hearing loss
  • new cochlear implants (you may be learning how to hear again or for the first time)
  • a new job or life situation with a different sound environment than you’re used to

A person who has worked in a quiet office communicating mainly through text messages might need help adjusting to a job with more face-to-face discussion, or to a loud workplace. Anyone with hearing loss knows that it can be exhausting to strain to hear and communicate. Audiologic rehabilitation can reduce the stress and return control and confidence to you. An audiometry exam can help pinpoint your needs. We will plan a program just for you. 

Auditory training involves customized exercises to help individuals get the most out of hearing tools, change auditory behaviors, and develop new approaches to auditory tasks.  

Tools like hearing aids are customized and provide different types of assistance. Auditory training helps you learn how to use them, increasing the likelihood that you will use them more and continue to improve their value to you. There are many other sound tools available including headphones in movie theatres, closed captions on TVs and streaming devices, and sound-to-text services for telephones. Good training in when and how to use them can be life-changing.

Auditory behavior training might include:

  • learning how to focus on what you need to hear 
  • learning to distinguish between sounds with the hearing you have maintained
  • lip reading
  • reading body language

New approaches to auditory tasks can be wide-ranging, from learning how to choose a seat in a restaurant, to asking people to speak directly to you, to making your own communication methods clearer and more easily understood. 

Think of auditory training as coaching. Just as good coaching can help an athlete run farther with less fatigue, so auditory training can help you listen and understand with less strain and cognitive effort. 

You have the potential to get more out of social activities, your book club discussion, or chatting with family. Ask us how training can help you. We are dedicated to improving your life and keeping you connected to the community you love. 

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