Avoid the Holiday Hearing Loss Blues

People enjoying a holiday dinner without the struggle of hearing loss | Audiometry near St. Johns MI

Do you have hearing loss? 

Does it affect how much you enjoy holiday get-togethers? 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for most people, but for those with hearing loss, you might not think so. Conversations with family and friends, holiday music, movies, and gift giving all require the ability to hear. When your hearing is diminished, you may feel left out. Not to mention that when people get excited, they get louder, which can make things even worse for you. Feeling this way year after year can make the holidays feel more blue than white.

If you feel this way, you’re not alone. Hearing loss has been shown to negatively impact nearly every dimension of the human experience, according to the Hearing Loss Association of America. Hearing loss is very common in older adults too. Nearly half of people older than age 75 and approximately one third of those ages 64 to 75 have a hearing loss according to the Hearing Health Foundation.

What can you do to feel less blue? Get an audiometry test! These tests can measure the range and sensitivity of your hearing to determine your degree of hearing loss and come up with solutions for you, such as hearing aids. The Hearing Health Foundation also says older adults who use hearing aids show reduced depression symptoms and improved quality of life.

Sleigh Bells Ring, are you Listening? Audiometry Near St. Johns, MI

How does audiometry work?

An audiometry test evaluates your ability to hear different sounds, pitches, or frequencies. The best thing about these tests is that they are quick, easy, and painless! The results print on a special graph called an audiogram. At CCMC Hearing Care, we’ll review the audiogram with you, explain your results, and talk to you about your treatment options.

Treatment options can include hearing aids, auditory training or coaching, lip reading, environmental awareness, or other hearing strategies.

Imagine how much better your holidays would be if you could hear:

  • The beep of your oven when baking Christmas cookies       
  • Your giddy grandchild thanking you for their new favorite toy
  • The rules of White Elephant       
  • Your favorite holiday song or movie
  • The voices of your loved ones

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