Protect Your Ears this New Year’s Eve

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Attending a New Year’s Eve party? 

Excited to pop champagne and countdown? 

If you have hearing loss, these activities are louder than you may think. Common New Year’s Eve activities include: 

  • Fireworks 
  • Noisemakers 
  • Playing loud music 
  • Popping champagne bottles 
  • Toasting glasses 
  • Chanting the countdown 

The sound of fireworks alone can reach 140-50 decibels – imagine this combined with all the other noise and activities going on around you!  The CDC recommends that adult hearing should not be exposed to noise greater than 120 dB to prevent permanent ear damage. Hearing loss also depends on the duration of time around loud noises. The longer you stay at the loud New Year’s Eve party, the higher your chances of hearing loss or ear damage.

How can you protect your ears?

  • Limit your exposure to loud noises – If guests are being loud, take a break and move to a quieter area of the house or venue. Know your limit; it’s okay to leave early!
  • Use ear plugs – During the countdown or other loud moments, use ear plugs to protect your ears.
  • Turn your hearing aids down – If you use hearing aids, make sure you adjust the volume to account for these loud noises.

Take Your Hearing Health Seriously with a Hearing Loss Test Near St. Johns, MI

This New Year’s, make a resolution to take care of your hearing health! Hearing loss tests can diagnose your quality of hearing, and the folks at CCMC Hearing Care can find solutions to improve your hearing ability. 

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