Protect Your Hearing Aids Against Winter Weather

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Are you venturing out into the cold this winter? 

Want to extend the life of your hearing aids? 

Cold weather can provide some challenges for hearing aid users. The dry, cold air can cause zinc hearing aid batteries to drain faster than usual, and condensation can build up within the hearing aids, causing them to malfunction. 

Zinc batteries are commonly used in hearing aids but don’t work well in colder conditions. The colder the temperature, the less effective the zinc in the battery is. This could lead to more frequent battery changes or charges. This might not sound like a big deal, but imagine if you’re out playing in the snow with children or grandchildren and your hearing goes out! You’re supposed to be keeping the children safe; what if someone got hurt or a dangerous situation unfolded and you couldn’t hear it? If you’re going outdoors, carry extra batteries or charge your hearing aids right before leaving.

When you come back inside, you’ll want to open the battery compartment and rub away any moisture with a cotton swab. Moving from colder temperatures to warmer ones causes condensation to form in your hearing aids. This can cause them your hearing aid to function improperly.

If your hearing aid has condensation, you might experience:

  • Static
  • Crackling
  • Sound cutting in and out
  • Distortions
  • Random interferences

You can prevent condensation from building up in your hearing aids by protecting them from the cold. You can wear a hat, earmuffs, and some manufacturers make specific sweatbands for hearing aid users. If your hearing aids don’t have direct exposure to the cold, they won’t change as much in temperature when you go back inside, causing less condensation. It’s still a good idea to swab them just in case. Make sure to store your hearing aids in dry place, not your pockets or heated areas like cars or by a vent.

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