How to Keep Your Hearing Aids Safe at the Beach

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Do you have your summer vacation planned? 

Are you beating the heat by taking trips to the beach? 

With gorgeous beaches along the Great Lakes and a lake every six miles, what Michigander could resist? Everyone deserves to enjoy the water and beach, but hearing aid users must be a little more careful.   

Remember, hearing aids are tiny electronic devices and are expensive, too! They must be protected against water and sand just like other electronics!

Here are some ways to keep your hearing aids safe while at the beach:

Use a carrying case – To keep your hearing aids 100% safe, put them in a waterproof carrying case before you get to the beach. If you take them out later, sand from your hands can get inside the hearing aids, damaging them. Sand can also get into hearing aids if you are buried in sand or are laying on the sand while sunbathing. 

A carrying case also helps protect your hearing aids from water. Even though some hearing aids are waterproof, that doesn’t mean they’re safe to submerge! Take out your hearing aids before swimming. If they get wet, remove the battery and treat them like other electronics by putting them in dry rice.

Protect against moisture – If you’d like to keep your hearing aids in, you’ll have to protect them against moisture, which can come from sweat and humidity. You can bring cotton swabs to swab out the moisture or wear a headband that covers your ears to shield them.

Keep them cool – Heat can damage hearing aids, so don’t leave them out in the sun or in the hot car. Put your carrying case under a beach umbrella or find a spot in the shade.

Don’t go alone – If you choose to take out your hearing aids, bring someone you trust that can hear sirens, emergency signals, and can generally make sure you’re safe.

Apply sunscreen with hearing aids out – Sunscreen contains oils that can damage hearing aids, so apply your rub-on or spray-on sunscreen with your hearing aids out. Once your hands are completely dry, you can touch your hearing aids again.

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