Personalized Audiometry near Ovid-Elsie MI

personalized audiometry near Ovid-Elsie MI

Are you avoiding the social activities you normally enjoy because you just can’t hear in a crowd?

Are you having trouble following conversations?

If so, you might be experiencing some hearing loss. Hearing loss can steal the enjoyment from your everyday life. When you can’t follow a conversation, hear your grandkid’s choir solo, or watch your favorite tv show without raising the volume loud enough to drive your family out of the room, you can feel isolated and lonely.

At CCMC Hearing Care, we don’t only want you to hear what you’ve been missing — we want you to enjoy your life to the fullest. We can help!

We take audiology, and your hearing care, seriously. When you call us to get your ears checked, our caring and experienced hearing specialists will talk to you about your concerns, check your ears, and give you a hearing (audiometry) test. Then we’ll discuss options with you and help you find the best way to make the most of your hearing.

There’s no single solution. Everybody’s hearing loss is different. That’s why we customize your treatment to fit your needs and lifestyle. For some, that means hearing aids. If hearing aids aren’t right for you, there are other options. 

Either way, if you feel like you’re experiencing hearing loss and need your ears checked in the Ovid-Elsie area, CCMC Hearing Care is here for you!

We offer caring, personalized audiometry testing and solutions. Some of the products and services we offer include:

  • Hearing loss tests 
  • Various audiometry tests
  • Auditory training or coaching
  • Hearing aid sales, tests, and repairs
  • Swimmers’ ear plugs
  • Musicians’ earpieces
  • Stethoscope amplification
  • Tinnitus diagnosis and treatment

We’ll be with you every step of the way! 

Contact us for hearing loss care and audiometry near Ovid-Elsie and the surrounding areas. We’re here for you. 

We offer no-cost consultations and hearing aid repair evaluations!

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