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Hearing tests

The first step in diagnosing a hearing problem is a hearing test to medically evaluate whether you have hearing loss and, if so, how much. This helps us devise the right treatment for you, including hearing devices, if appropriate. 


Audiological screenings

Audiological screenings evaluate your ability to hear different sounds, pitches, or frequencies, to help us determine your best treatment.



Our coaching can help you manage hearing loss through strategies, listening skills, awareness, and environmental factors to support your listening skills.



We offer special training to help your brain improve listening skills and understanding of speech. Training also helps you increase your accuracy and decreases the workload your brain experiences trying to hear and process sounds at the same time.


Hearing aid sales, tests, and repairs

We’ll help you find the right device to fit your needs and lifestyle, and help you keep it in top condition. We can recommend, fit, and repair a variety of hearing devices, including technologically advanced digital and programmable hearing aids.


Swimmers ear plugs

Our swimmer’s ear plugs are customized to ensure a tight seal, blocking water from flowing into your ears. They protect against infections, swimmer’s ear, and surfer’s ear.


Musicians earpieces

Our customized earbuds block out background noise, minimize hearing damage, and use superior technology to deliver precise sound.


Stethoscope Amplification

We provide several stethoscope options for accurate auscultation, including wireless transmission to your hearing aid.


Tinnitus Diagnosis and Treatment

We’ll help determine the probable cause and discuss ways to reduce the impact of that annoying buzzing or ringing on your daily life. 


No Cost Consultations!

No Cost Hearing Aid Repair Evaluations!

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