Hearing loss affects so much more than hearing. It can affect your relationships, work, social life, and how you feel about yourself. 

Learning to manage difficult hearing situations can be tricky, at first. Especially if you’re using a new assistive listening device. 

Our coaching can help you manage hearing loss through strategies, listening skills, awareness, and environmental factors to support your listening skills.

We also provide auditory training!

Your ears may process sound, but it’s your brain that makes sense of those sounds. Even if you have hearing aids or had a normal hearing audiogram, it may still be difficult for your brain to interpret those sounds. 

We offer special training to help your brain improve listening skills and understanding of speech. It also helps you increase your accuracy and decreases the workload your brain experiences trying to hear and process sounds at the same time.

We want you to hear what you’ve been missing!

Providing audiology tests, tinnitus diagnosis and treatment, coaching and training, hearing aids and other assistive devices in Alma, St. Johns, Maple Rapids, Owosso, Ithaca, Ovid-Elsie, Dewitt, Laingsburg, and surrounding communities.

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