Hearing aid sales, tests, and repairs

We’ll help you find the right device to fit your needs and lifestyle, and help you keep it in top condition. We can recommend, fit, and repair a variety of hearing devices, including technologically advanced digital and programmable hearing aids.

Have questions about in-the-ear (ITE) versus behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids? Half-shell verses full-shell designs? Invisible in the canal (IIC) or completely in the canal (CIC)? We can explain the different types and options and help you determine the best choice for your needs. The right style for you depends on lifestyle factors, cosmetic preferences, as well as degree of hearing loss. 

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Providing hearing loss tests, tinnitus diagnosis and treatment, custom products like swimmer’s ear plugs, and specialized hearing services like coaching (auditory training) in Alma, St. Johns, Maple Rapids, Owosso, Ithaca, Ovid-Elsie, Dewitt, Laingsburg, and surrounding communities.

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